Nanocid  L2000



The L series productions are water based antibacterial and antifungal agents so they can easily get sprayedor mixed with water based paints and glues.




Product name

Nanocid L2000


Containing 2000ppm Nano Silver particles


Liquid - clear - goldish

Conditions to avoid

Peroxide Solutions, Ammonia, Strong Acids, Light



1. Excellent Antibacterial & Antifungal effect

2. Antibacterial durability even after several times washing

3. Not to build up tolerance to the bacteria or fungi

4.Effective even at low concentration

5. Good processing property

6. Environmental friendly  



1. Weakening the bacteria by the result of inhibiting their respiration & reproductive power.

2.Sterilization by Microorganism denaturalizing power of Nano Silver 


Usage Method:

Mixing ratio: 1-200 times by volume



1.Volume increasing should be done considering desired Antibacterial effect of final product

2.Mixing process should be done according to the basic material and itís standard mixing procedure.

3. Keep the powder in dry places and away from light.