Nanosilver colloid



Nanosilver colloid is exhibited in gel and liquid phases and with water and mineral bases. This material contains Nanosilver particles in different concentrations. In all colloids, we should be able to mix these particles (such as silver) that aren't mixed in colloid's bed (water,...)monotonously, in away that particles don't form sediment or folcol, the other important point is particle's size is smaller ,the special surface increases and has more effects.
Now ,Nanocid colloid products in 2000ppm ,200ppm,100ppm and 20ppm doses ,are produced, the most important characteristics for colloids to have ,are stability and permanence, in this regard Nanocid colloids with using some special surfactants have high stability as several years.


Nanocid colloid applications:

Nanosilver colloid is used for antibacterialized , antifungal ,antivirus clothes ,detergent products ,sterilization all surfaces and materials.