Frequency Asked Questions

What is the synthetic process of producing Nano_Silver compounds?

Is there any side effect recognized for using Nano_Silver products?

Which kind of tests has been held to determine particle sizes?

What is the mechanism of silver effect on micro organism?

Which types of microorganism does silver effect on?  

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Achieving to Nano size is possible in 2 ways:
1.Up to down (physical)
2.Down to up
The process chosen by Pars Nano Nasb is down to up way such as Sol-Gel

Since using silver derevitives products due to it's antibacterial property lies in history ,a vast survey has been done on silver efficiency which shows no harm in specific concentration for human body.
Recently the vast research has done on NanoSilver as a drug and it's positive effects  on some deceases like  HIV , HPC , MS , in exist virus and some contagious  deceases such as SARS and Influenza is seen clearly . Since human body needs mineral specially Iron needs silver too , but with special dose . 



NanoSilver particle in 2 shapes Ag+ ion or catalistic form can produce O2- or OH- and it can transform protein chain of bacterium's and germs membrane and with breaking down this chains , practically ruins  existing membrane .
All kinds of germs , bacterium's , viruses , fungus and mustiness and seaweed are affected by NanoSilver particles.

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