Antibacterial polymeric master batch



In order to synthesis of different kinds of polymeric fragments master batch should be prepared.
Different kinds of master batch for using in different types of polymer are produced in this company, using master batch in addition of some side advantages, improve the dispersion of nano materials in all types of polymer by injection system.

Product M / B concentration (ppm) Effective silver concentration (ppm) Loading ratio of master batch base resin
PP 5,000~10,000 300-500 5~10%
PE 5,000~10,000 300-500 5~10%
PS 5,000~10,000 500< 5%<
ABS 5,000~10,000 500< 5%<
PC 5,000~10,000 300-500 3~5%
Nylon 5,000~10,000 300-500 3~5%
PET 5,000~10,000 500< 3%<

  1. The type of resin and silver concentration can be adjusted upon request from the customers.

  2. Loading ratio can be adjusted by customer depends on the application.