Nanocid application in medicine, Health & Cosmetics



Nanocid colloid is applicable as an detergent and sterilizer in all medicine departments ,and very vast investigations were done on it as a drug in some cases such as diagnosis drugs ,AIDS ,Hepatitis C, etc...and that is because of its safety and effectiveness on these diseases.
Briefly ,Nanosilver colloid and composite applications in medicine equipments are as following :

  1. Producing cloths and sterile antibacterial and antimicrobial bandage with long impression.

  2. Producing antibacterial ceramics with long impression and for sterilizing the surface covered with ceramic.

  3. Producing antibacterial paints for painting the surfaces.

  4. Sterilizing of all surfaces by Nanosilver colloid.

  5. Air filtration by Nanosilver composite for killing all kinds of bacteria's and fungus.

  6. Sterilizing all medicine equipment.