Antibacterial clothes and deodorant



One of the applications of Nano silver particles is using them in clothes and texile, because of this function, fibers of texile will be antibacterial, antivirus, fungi, germ .So bad smells that are resulting from some fungi's, will remove.


One of the activities have taken place in this filed in Iran , with cooperation of Parsilon spinning factory , and  Pars Nano Nasb Co. is producing the first samples of polymer (nylon)yarn and clothes with antibacterial behavior and antivirus and germ.


With participating and expert work that did by R&D experts of Parsilon Company were mixed with colloid successfully. In the way that as Parsilon experts said, any changes in stability and apparent properties of nylon polymer were formed. These productions after producing in this unit, for doing microbiological experiments, were delivered to Pars Nano Nasb Co. microbiology experts of Pars Nano Nasb.


After some various culture experiments, evaluates it as a great positive process. in these experiments , Erwin in bacteria , and fusarinm fungi were cultured on samples , results showed that the third and fourth cloth samples after  4 hours , didn't have any pollution while the third and first samples as a testifier , were polluted all the times.


We should say that the dose of Nano silver particles, we use in this texile, was so low, and with raising it up, time of effect decrease to zero.