Disinfection of corn seed by Nano silver



Bases of suggested procedure:

Nano silver particles kill polluter microorganism of seeds.



50cc of 100ppm and 50cc of 10ppm colloid have been ready, we pour 100 seeds of corn into both, then shake them completely, till colloid be in contact with seeds and pour 100 seeds into water as a testifier , then culture from these samples on SDA environment  , in periods of 10min,30min,and 1H,2H,we provide 20 seeds for each care and put in incubator in 25c .


results of test:

cares with 0.1ppm and 10ppm that disinfect, polluted in all periods of time , and Aspoariloos grow on them but samples that disinfect with 100ppm ,no pollution was observed , testifier samples were polluted completely.