Investigation on antifungal behavior of Nanocid with different doses



Let us inform you the report of the experiment on antibacterial effect of Nanocid on fungi (Aspergillus sp.)
First in 500cc erlens provide PDA culture medium separately ,after putting in autoclave, various doses of antibacterial; means 5,7.5,10 micro liter were added into erlens ,so that 50,75,100 ppm volumes were provided ,nothing was added to the forth erlen , so it was investigated as testifier.
These culture mediums were added to plates (with 9cm diameter) and after coagulation  a plan with 4 training and 4 repetition was done accidentally .
One ring of 3 days fungal disk (Aspergillus sp) was added to each one of plates containing PDA culture medium with different antibacterial concentrations , and to the culture medium (PDA) testifier in the center of plates and kept in incubator in 27
c .
When growth of misilium fungi
in testifiers plates was completed and the whole plate was involved , investigation was done.(pic 1 and 2) 



The rate of colony growth in each training was investigated (table 1) and control percentage was calculated according to the following formula:(table 2)

Table 1: the rate of colony growth in training and different  repetitions

The diameter of fungi colony growth (aspergillus sp)   mm

repeated training I II III IV
testifier 90 90 90 90
50ppm 30 35 45 40
75ppm 30 25 30 25
100ppm 30 25 25 30

Table 2: the percentage of prevention in trainings and different repetition

The percentage of aspergillus sp  fungi prevention (control)

repeated training average of grouping I II III IV V
testifier C 0 0 0 0 0
50 ppm B 56 50 61 70 59.25
75 ppm A 72 71 72 71 71.5
100 ppm A 71 72 71 71 71.5

the trainings were investigated in SAS soft ware (table 3)and as you can see in the table ,trainings ,in level 1 :had a significant difference in control and in training number 3 and 4 ; means 75 and 100 ppm concentration of antibacterial, was about 71.5 percent, and in 50 ppm training of antibacterial was about 59.25 percent but there hasn't been seen any control in testifier training (picture 1)

The source of changes independence degree total of average of squares
training 3 4678.39
mistake 12 18.06

diagram 1:Contrasting the control percentage of misiliom fungi growth (aspergillus sp) in different concentration of antibacterial.