Nanocid  P110



The P series production can be used as an additive in industrial purposes and due to its excellent mixable property it can be applied to an extended industrial field including Polymers , Paints , Glues , Ceramics Yarns and etc... The products which P series are added in obtain antibacterial property; hence they can play a great role in both everyday life and specialized fields.




Product name

Nanocid P110


TiO2 as the career core coated with 10% Wt of Nano-Silver particles


White – Cream - solid - powder

Conditions to avoid

Peroxide Solutions, Ammonia, Strong Acids



1. Excellent Antibacterial Effect (99% Over) and sterilization, Antifungal effect

2.Antibacterial Durability

3. Not to Build up tolerance to the bacteria

4. Can be added and mixed to many types of material including Polymers, Textiles, Yarn, Paint & etc…

5. Heat resistance


7. Environmental friendly  



1. Sterilization by creating active Oxygen.

2. Sterilization by Microorganism denaturalizing power of Nano-Silver 


Usage Method:

Mixing ratio 0.02%-0.5% Wt



1. The powder should be kept in dry places and away from light

2. The mixing ratio should be specified according to the desired Antibacterial property and color of final product

3. High ratio amounts are required for those products which are desired to have high Antibacterial efficiency.