Nanosilver composite



This composite includes Titan (Tio2) as carrier that coated by Nanosilver particles.Titan is a photocatalist material means that; with receiving photonic energy with some special frequency about UV and upper, causes electron excitation in valance and conductive layers that leads to electron excitation of titan and it causes catalectic behavior of titan so on the base of this behavior in the vicinity of some materials like oxygen, water, produces active radicals O2-, OH- that are strong reviver, oxidant. Titan includes various crystal forms such as Anatas, ratile, amorphous that Anatas photocatalist behavior is very active .Ratile crystal is less active and amorphous doesn't have photocatalist behavior. Of course a combination of Anatas and ratile crystals reveals the best amount of photocatalist behavior. Titan reveals these behaviors just when they receive UV lights by sun radiation or florescent lamps , because of this point , if  photocatalist materials are put in dark environment ,can not receive photonic energy with UV energy , so there is a problem that if photocatalist materials don't receive UV , don't be active. Nanotechnology provides a solution for this problem with coating Nanosilver particles on the particles of photocatalist materials. In this case Nanosilver particles with size of 30nm coat on Titan particles that are less than 150nm and active them. Produced materials because of Titan (OH-_O2-) have the property of removing organic compounds (V.O.U)  such as SO2 and NO2 and ammonia compounds and C12 .